1. Why "Alpi" ?

Because the company was geologically and originally based in Valdaora Di Mezzo (Italy), in the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe: the Alps.

2. How much does the Formwork cost ?

Again the pricing structure depends upon the complexity of the design and equipment required, however it tends to vary between B80,000 - B90,000 Thai Baht per MT  click here  to convert to your currency with XE currency converter. (This estimate does NOT including any accessories or hydraulic components or supervision or erection support or commissioning costs).



3. How long does it take to Alpi to submit a full financial and technical offer ?

We tend to have complex custom made quotation requirements submitted to the client within a working week (5 business days) however simple systems can be readily quoted by the end of the next working day.

 3. How long does it take to supply the Formwork Systems ?

Supply times depend upon the complexity of the design and equipment required, however the average tends to be between 1 to 3 months, Ex-Works at our factory in Thailand. Recently, we supplied COJAAL (Algerian Freeway) almost 3,000 MT of Pier Heads, Pre-cast Moulds & Box Culverts within 5 months of the P.O.



5. Do you offer a buy-back option for your systems ?

We can offer buy-back options on standard parts such as panels and beams etc. However for our clients with highly specialized Formwork Systems, we also regularly assist them in re-selling the Formwork to upcoming projects world wide that may be able to modify and utilize the Formwork.

6. Can you provide engineering and design support if I want to fabricate my own Formwork ?

Yes we certainly do, and please contact us here to discuss the details.



7. Do you manufacture your equipment outside of your home base in Thailand ?

Certainly we do fabricate our systems anywhere that can competently support our high standards of Quality Assurance and consistency. We have done this recently in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Malaysia and the Middle East.

8. Can you provide a full design and build package (formwork design & supply, operation, re-bar concrete & post tensioning works) ?

Yes we do provide full packages including post tensioning together with our partners PBL Group Thailand who are one of the leading companies specializing in post tensioning in Asia. This service can be provided worldwide where ever Thai labor are allowed to obtain permission to work.



9. How many people work at Alpi ?

In our engineering and design department we have a staff of 15-20 people depending on our case loads, 5 people in our administration department, fabrication yards we have between 150-200 people, site management we have 10-15 people, and in rebar & concrete specialists we have between 50-100 personnel. Total = 230 - 340 people.

10. How long does it take to mobilize your formwork technicians on-site if required ?

Depending upon visa requirements and flight availability, we can normally get our experts on site in about 24 hours.



11. What is your Fabrication capacity ?

We comfortably handle between 10-12,000 MT per annum.